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Free space wallpapers

IYA 2009 - Astronomy Sri Lanka

Larry Russell Kellogg Space Links

To The Moon, Mars, and Beyond

Astronomy for Every One - Find everything about Astronomy:Universe and Space facts with pictures

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Free Satellite TV Deals
Compare the free satellite deals that are available from the top two providers of all digital satellite tv programming in the United States.

#1 for Satellite TV from Direct TV and Dish Network
The source for facts about satellite TV from Direct TV and Dish Network.

Planetary Fact Sheets
Directory of fact sheets for each planet.

Satellite Dish Services
Compare the various services that are offered by Dish Network and Direct TV so that you can make an informed decision as to which of these satellite tv programming services you would like to use.

Space Today Online - Exploring the Solar System Planet Pluto

Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: Info
Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy

Pluto is a Planet!
Pluto as a Planet! We here at SP3 believe strongly that Pluto's status as a planet should not be in question. For over seventy-five years schoolchildren all over the world have learned that our solar system has nine planets. Pluto's status as a planet has sparked the human imagination for decades.

space projects and info

Space Future
Find out about the day when a trip to space will be as easy as purchasing a plane ticket.

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
Get your class involved in this network of students interested in space exploration and new developments in the field.

AInternational Spacecraft, Satellite and Launch Vehicle Names Glossary


The Satellite Place
information on satellite communications and entertainment; satellite TV, radio and Internet resources